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New Contact Lenses Help Control Myopia

A new report from the Bifocal Lenses In Nearsighted Kids (BLINK) study, funded by the National Eye Institute, recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association presents additional evidence that myopic children wearing multifocal contact lenses were able to reduce the rate of myopic progression by about 43% over a period of three years. 

Children are at increased risk of developing myopia because of increased near work due to increasing screen time on computers and mobile devices and less time playing outdoors.

Myopia, or near sightedness, is defined as a refractive condition of a non-accommodating eye in which parallel rays of light entering the eye are brought to a focus in front of the retina. Therefore, the uncorrected myopic eye has blurry vision when looking at objects in the distance while vision is clear for near objects.

Myopia in children is currently corrected with single vision glasses and contact lenses.  Unfortunately, myopia often worsens with a need for stronger prescriptions as children get older.

Online Eye Exams – Avoiding Air Puff Tonometry

The ‘air puff test’, or non contact tonometer, measures the pressure of fluid in the anterior segment of your eye.  Eye pressure can be measured with several different instruments.  The standard for measuring eye pressure is the Goldmann applanation tonometer which requires drops and uses a probe to touch the front of the eye.  These tests are important as elevated eye pressure is the main cause of glaucoma, a degenerative disease of the optic nerve that may lead to blindness.  Eye pressure testing will not reveal cataracts or many other eye diseases.  It is still an important measure in evaluating eye health.

Using drops to dilate your pupils, then examining your lens with a slit lamp and ophthalmascope will show the doctor if you have any cataracts or retinal disease.  By avoiding a real eye exam with either air or applanation tonometry and a careful slit lamp evaluation of your cornea and retina, you are missing the most important elements of a complete eye health evaluation. 

These exams reveal many eye conditions that are sight threatening and many other ocular changes that may be life threatening.  A virtual eye exam will tell you nothing about this and unfortunately gives the patient a false sense of security that everything is fine when it may not be.  These tools have been developed over the last 150 years and have been indispensable in protecting the vision and saving the lives of millions of people.     

Adjustable Tomato Glasses for Children

Welcome to our new line of Tomato Glasses for kids. They are flexible and very lightweight. The frames are constructed from FDA approved non toxic materials. The material used for these frames are flexible with some elasticity, yet will not break easily. In addition the materials are non slip which help keep the frames from sliding down. Temple lengths are adjustable. Nose pads are adjustable. All frames come with attachable strap. These are another alternative for children’s glasses Tomato. The frames are incredibly light: only 6 to 9g in weight. The temple tips match the curves above the ears, making them very comfortable to wear. There is a cushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the ears and does not press on the ears.

It is easy and simple to adjust the length of the temples. To shorten them, remove the ear tip and cut off the excess length. Replace ear tips and secure these in position using the screws. To lengthen the temples, pull the ear tips back and secure in place with the screws.

The nose pads can be attached to three points of the frame (five points on the baby range frames). As every child’s face is unique, this feature allows the correct placement and height for each child can be achieved.

All frames from Tomato Glasses come with an attachable strap as a standard accessory. When attached, the strap prevents the glasses from slipping even with high-power lenses. They provide security when actively running and jumping, making Tomato Glasses great sports glasses. Also, they are perfect for children with sensitive ears.