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Google Rant in Spanish

Another classic Google review

Hola mi nombre CARLOS SIERRA Visite este lugar y ordene unos lentes que fueran repelentes al polvo, anti rayones, contra hueyas me recomendaron CRIZAL AR PREMIUM pague dinero extra de mi parte más lo que me cubrió el seguro son unos lentes muy costosos los primeros que me entregaron eran originales con su certificado para la garantía pero el graduado estaba malo me los arreglaron pero ya no me dieron los que yo ordene eran unos de muy mala calidad no eran CRIZAL AR PREMIUM no me quisieron dar el certificado cuando se los pedi, por que no querian que notara que no eran CRIZAL cuando los descubrí no encontraban que desir eso es robar y de el personal ni hablar doctor ponga atención a su personal son unas prepotentes mal educadas y amargadas si fuera sólo yo que reclamo sería duda pero tiene muchísimos reclamos de su personal por la misma razón no recomiendo este lugar a menos que le guste que lo traten mal hable a mi seguro y van a investigar que clase de lentes me dieron y me dijeron que no es el primer reclamo que tienen con esta clínica pienselo dos beses antes de visitar este lugar por que después se va arrepentir desde el primer contactó que tenga con el personal el doctor es un poquito amigable pero el resto pésimas personas.

After trying to decipher this rant, this is what I think Carlos is saying:

He says he ordered lenses at our practice and that we recommended Crizal AR premium for which he had to pay extra money for in addition to what the insurance covers. He then goes on to say that when he received the glasses they came with certificate of the warranty. Since the progressives were bad, the glasses had to be redone. When the remade glasses were delivered, Carlos claims there was no warranty certificate. This indicated to him that they were remade without Crizal AR premium and our staff was trying to hide from him the fact that they were not Crizal AR. This act of deception enraged Mr. Sierra who adamantly believes we stole his money because he did not get Crizal AR because he did not get a certificate of warranty.

He continues to accuse our staff of being poorly educated and arrogant. Carlos then contacted the insurance company – the infamous Versant health aka Davis Vision, who told him this is not the first complaint they’ve received about our practice. Versant said they will investigate further into what kind of lenses he actually received.

The complaint concludes with a warning to all readers not to visit our practice unless you want to be treated badly and to think twice before coming here because you will regret it from the first moment you have any contact with our staff. He begrudges yours truly as being a little friendly while the rest of the staff is appalling.

Here are the facts: Carlos visited our practice in the middle of January for a routine eye exam. As a first time progressive wearer we recommended Progressive lenses and AR coating. No mention was made of Crizal AR. We don’t sell it, we don’t push it and we don’t talk about it. Private pay patients or patients with very generous benefits will get it if they ask for it or if their insurance covers it. Carlos only wanted to pay for basic AR, which is fine.

His first pair of glasses were made with Varilux Physio lenses and Essilor’s Sharpview Plus AR featuring 99% light transmission, super-hydrophobic scratch-resistant top coat and a one year, unlimited replacement warranty on the lens. Excellent AR for the price.

Out of pocket cost to Carlos is as follows:

$0 for Complete Exam
$90 for Varilux Physio Premium Lenses
$35 for Sharpview + AR
$90 for Rayban Frame

Great premium products at a very good price. Two weeks later Carlos returns to office with glasses complaining he gets headaches with glasses and eyes are irritated. Eye exam is repeated, prescription is changed and glasses are redone by Versant again.

Two weeks later patient returns again complaining that glasses make him nauseous. Eye exam is repeated and after some discussion we decide to do distance vision only. Glasses are sent to Versant lab again and are redone as distance vision only. At no time during these exams and discussions is anything mentioned about the AR coatings or that they are, or are not, Crizal.

Today Carlos comes in with new distance vision glasses complaining that he sees a fingerprint smudge on one of the lenses and asks what we’re going to do about it. The optician took a microfiber cloth and wiped it off. Our staff explained that if he has further problems with the lenses he needs to call Versant and register his complaints with them. Versant made the lenses three times and applied the AR coating three times.

This evening Carlos decided to tell the world what he really thinks about AR and about our practice. I appreciate the candor. Thank you for letting us know how you really feel.

I will end by saying that no other practice I know would have done what we did to accommodate and help this patient. No good deed goes unpunished.

Paid Participants Needed for Nutrition Study in Beltsville


The Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Beltsville, MD
is recruiting volunteers who are 25-75 years old for a nutrition study.

The study will be 6 months long.  During the first and last two months, participants will visit the USDA Nutrition
Center for measurements, but will eat their own diet.  During the second, third, and fourth month, participants will eat a diet
fully provided by the USDA Nutrition Center.  Study assessments will include 5 blood draws, collection of 5 fecal samples, and
completion of a variety of questionnaires.  

Compensation for time and inconvenience will be provided for those who are found eligible and who complete some or all
of the study procedures satisfactorily.  Some volunteers may not be eligible. Volunteers with any of the
characteristics listed below would not be eligible to participate.  

To learn more about the study, you may meet with study staff to review the study procedures and consent form
and then schedule a screening meeting if you are still interested. Staff meeting times will be at the following dates/times: 

at 7:00 AM on Feb 24 and March 5

at 12 noon on Feb 24, 26 and March 2

at 5:00 PM on Feb 25 and March 4

Meetings will be in USDA Building 307B on Center Road in Beltsville, MD.  No appointment is necessary.
You must meet with a staff member and sign the consent form to be considered for participation.  

For more information:
CALL (301) 504-5454 (messages checked once/day; messages returned within 3 days)
EMAIL volunteers@usda.gov (messages checked twice daily; messages returned within 2 days)

Exclusion Criteria - If any of the following apply to you, you will not be eligible to participate:

Younger than 25 years old and older than 75 years old at the beginning of the intervention

Have body weight less than 110 lbs.

Known (self-reported) allergy or adverse reaction to study foods or ingredients

A dietary pattern inconsistent with the dietary intervention (i.e., vegan, vegetarian,
extremes of protein, fat, carbohydrate intake).

Body mass index less than 18 or greater than 40 kg/m2

Women who have given birth during the previous 12 months, are pregnant, are
lactating, or plan to become pregnant during the study.

Use of appetite suppressants or other anti-obesity medication during the past 6 months

History of bariatric or certain other surgeries related to weight control

History or presence of diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, certain cancers, gout, hyperthyroidism,
untreated or unstable hypothyroidism, gastrointestinal disease, pancreatic disease, other metabolic diseases, malabsorption
syndromes, phenylketonuria, or endocrine disorders that may interfere with the study outcomes.

Individuals with any gastrointestinal issues, including bariatric surgery, inflammatory bowel disease,
suspected or known strictures, fistulas or physiological/mechanical GI obstruction, nutrient malabsorption disease, or Crohn’s Disease

Use of antibiotics within one month prior to the study

Smokers or other tobacco/marijuana users (within 6 months prior to the study)

History of eating disorders or other dietary patterns which are not
consistent with the dietary intervention (e.g., vegetarians)

Known taste disorders, including weak or absent sense of taste (screening procedures include a basic
taste sensitivity test), abnormal taste in the mouth (e.g., bitter or metallic “phantom” tastes),
or other taste abnormality

History of taste or smell problems (e.g., weak or absent sense of taste; weak or absent sense of smell)

Use of medications within one month prior to the study that moderately to severely affect taste.

Volunteers who have lost >10% of body weight within the last 12 months or who plan to
initiate a weight loss program during the next 12 months.

Unable or unwilling to give informed consent or communicate with study staff.

Self-report of alcohol or substance abuse within the past 12 months and/or current acute
treatment or rehabilitation program for these problems (long-term participation in Alcoholics Anonymous is not an exclusion).

Other medical, psychiatric, or behavioral factors that in the judgment of the Principal Investigator
may interfere with study participation or the ability to follow the intervention protocol.

Another Google Review

Just sharing with everyone recent Google review and my response. It’s disheartening to see the changing attitudes of young people exposed to our toxic online environment.

The customer service at Eyecare Center of Maryland is simply awful. I was told my glasses would be ready within 2-3 weeks, when I called to check on the status; they hadn’t even processed my paperwork. In addition, they said they would follow up by the 3rd week but they never did. Today when I called I was given plenty of inaccurate information, which led me to hang up and call back because I was running out of patience. Once I called back, I was told that the glasses were in their office. They never notified me. I went to pick up my glasses and the receptionist had a terrible attitude: she was argumentative and rude. After that conversation, I calmly said that I won’t be coming back because of discrepancies and terrible service and the receptionist proceeded to say “oh that’s perfectly fine.” I am extremely disappointed in the way I’ve been treated at that place.

When I first saw this review I was concerned about which staff member said something or what error was done to elicit this angry and vindictive review. Yesterday, I interviewed all the staff members (“they”) who helped you. I also reviewed all our record and phone logs to determine all possible reasons for the source of this complaint.

You were seen at the beginning of January for a routine eye exam. You received your glasses 18 days later – well within the promised two to three weeks! This, from an insurer recently bought by private equity firm Centerbridge Partners and is being completely revamped to be flipped and sold again. My staff tells me you called the office every few days asking about the glasses. Are they ready? When will they be done? We are a small practice providing you a completely covered exam and glasses with no charge to you. This is not Amazon Prime.

When we submit an eyeglass claim to an insurer we have no further control over when the job gets done. When we call the insurer, we are placed on hold for hours often with no answer. If you needed the glasses rushed it was your responsibility to contact the insurer and convince them to take your eyeglass job and move it to the front of the queue. You needed to convince the nameless faceless machine that processes thousands of eyeglasses per day to take your job and push it to the front.

All this being said, you still received a complete eye exam at no charge to you, a beautiful pair of glasses at no charge to you – completed within the promised time frame!

What did our practice receive? A meager pitiful reimbursement and plenty of attitude. You were never notified? We notify all our patients when their glasses are ready. We have no benefit from keeping your glasses in our office.

You’re accusing our staff of being argumentative and rude? When you came to the office to pick up your glasses you still had more complaining to do. You didn’t like how you were spoken to after the exam. You didn’t like how you were being helped with glasses.

We treat all our patients the same – Fairly. We work with your low ball vision plans. We do not oversell, we do not strong arm our patients to get expensive glasses with expensive options. We bend over backwards to treat all our patients honestly and fairly.

In fact, most of our patients just want their prescriptions so they can buy their glasses online. Zennis glasses take between two and three weeks to turnaround from the time you order.

I’m still struggling to understand the disappointment and anger with how you were treated at “that place”. “That place” is a small business, providing a valuable needed service to thousands of patients in our community, struggling to survive in a rapidly changing world with underpaid hard working employees doing their best every day. I love my employees. They deserve praise, not your entitled bitter attitude. Your review reflects your values and anger more than it reflects our business policies and practices.

Please share this review with as many people as you can.