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Eyecare Center of Maryland

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We provide personal attention to all our patients. Unlike the big box stores, we sit down with you and discuss your visual needs and your past vision history. We look at your old prescriptions glasses and contact lenses and after a thorough refraction, talk about what solutions are needed for your current occupational and personal vision needs. Sometimes this means recommending specialty progressive lenses, other times it means no glasses at all.

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Eye Exams

Annual optometry eye evaluations are an important part of maintaining your health. Many medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol can affect your eyes and lead to permanent vision loss.  Our eye exams, using the latest technology,  will provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your ocular health and visual system.  Provide complete eye exams for adults and children.

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Contact Lens Fitting

Our contact lens fittings start with a complete eye exam that ensures the most current prescription and rules out any medical conditions that would interfere with contact lens wear.  Our Practice offers a large variety of contact lenses including rigid gas permeable (RGP), disposable soft contact, bifocal, toric, and colored contact lenses.  Daily, weekly or monthly modalities are available. We try several name brand contact lenses to find the lenses that provides the best vision and best comfort. We also help you learn and understand the proper care and maintenance techniques for your lenses so they last as long as possible. We follow all FTC regulations for contact lens prescription documentation and verification.

Wheaton/Silver Spring/Kensington

The Eyecare Center of Maryland is a full scope optometric practice providing professional eye care service including complete eye exams, contact lens fitting for soft and rigid gas permeable lenses, glaucoma evaluations, cataract and diabetic retinopathy evaluation and vision testing for driver's license and motor vehicle forms.

Large selection of fashion and children's eyewear.  Full on site optical lab providing same day lens finishing, lens tinting and eyeglass frame repair service.

El Centro de Cuidado de Ojos de Maryland es una optométria de alcance completo que ofrece un servicio profesional de atención oftalmológica que incluye exámenes completos de la vista, lentes de contacto blandos, lentes rigidos permeables al gas, pruebas de detección de glaucoma, cataratas y retinopatía diabética y evaluación y pruebas de visión para licencia de conducir y formularios del Departamento de Motores y Vehículos. Gran selección de lentes de moda he infantiles. Laboratorio óptico completo que proporciona el mismo día el servicio de acabado, tintado y reparacion de marcos para lentes.

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