When should children end myopia control treatment?

The average age at which myopia usually stops progressing is 15 to 16 years. About 10% of myopes will progress beyond the age of 21 years. Researchers are beginning to evaluate over five years of data from a few new studies, and have come to expect some lessening of myopia control efficacy over time.  But, cumulatively, children will still gain benefit from myopia control treatment over traditional single-vision spectacle correction for as long as their myopia continues to progress. Stopping treatment may be considered when the myopia progression rate slows, which is usually when children reaches late adolescence. However, close monitoring is mandatory in managing these patients. If myopia progression is detected, restarting treatment is advisable. Parents should be educated about the costs and benefits of continued treatment and assisted to make an informed decision via the use of cycloplegic autorefraction and axial length measurements to monitor progression.

Category: Myopia Control