Do you accept my Vision Insurance? Medical Insurance?

We pride ourselves on a high standard of vision and eye care for our patients. As a result, we are not able to accept all insurances. We have selected plans to participate with that share similar perspectives on appropriate patient care.

We currently participate with United Healthcare Community/March Vision only. 

We are out of network providers for all other vision plans. We will provide all documentation and invoices so patients can submit claims for reimbursement to any vision plan they are a member of.

We accept most medical insurance plans including Traditional Medicare.  The refraction portion of the exam (determining your lens prescription) is not covered by most medical insurance plans, so you will be charged for the refraction.  You will also be charged your copay and any portion of your medical insurance deductible that has not been met. Following claim submission, any overcharged fees will be refunded to the patient.

If you do not have insurance that we participate with, you should not feel that an exam is not available to you. Our self pay fees for eye exams are very affordable and should not stand as a barrier to obtaining a quality eye health evaluation and eyeglass prescription. There are many busy optometric practices across the country that do not participate with any vision insurance or medical insurance plans for eye care. If your plan is one with which we do not participate, we will provide documentation needed to utilize your benefits on an out-of-network basis. If you have any questions about your insurance and our fee schedule, please call our office for more details.

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