Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Everyone knows that it’s important to get regular eye exams. So why do so many people neglect this vital health checkup? The answer is simple: they don’t know how much better their lives can be if they actually go for an eye exam! Here are five reasons you should call your optometrist right now and schedule a visit.

Improve your vision

The very first thing you’ll notice when you go to your eye exam is that you can see better than ever before. Your optometrist will conduct a thorough test and prescribe the perfect prescription for your eyes. Many people just accept their vision problems and use cheap, ineffective aids like reading glasses to compensate. With an eye exam near home or work, you don’t have to rely on old-fashioned tools anymore! You’ll be amazed at how much better you can see without all of those outdated products in the way.

Prevent blindness

Did you know that impaired vision is one of the risk factors for going blind? There are all sorts of serious conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma that can lead to permanent loss of eyesight. If you don’t go for regular eye exams, you could be allowing these serious problems to develop without ever noticing until it’s too late. Early intervention is key to stopping these conditions from progressing and causing irreversible damage!

Locate tumors

There are some types of eye tumors that produce noticeable symptoms such as discoloration or unusual swelling. However, many times there aren’t any symptoms at all and they go unnoticed until they become too large and dangerous for the patient. Unfortunately, by the time patients visit an optometrist for an eye exam, surgery might be necessary because removing a tumor with modern surgery equipment is easier now than ever before.

Check for diabetes

One of the lesser-known dangers of untreated diabetes is progressive damage to the retina. This can lead to blindness in extreme cases, but it’s easily preventable by getting regular eye exams. An optometrist will be able to identify any early signs of diabetic retinopathy and refer you to a retina specialist if necessary.

Detect other health problems

It’s not just diabetes that can cause problems with your eyesight – there are many other conditions that can be caught early with a simple eye exam! Some common health problems that can be diagnosed during an eye exam include high blood pressure, liver disease, and thyroid disorders. So if you think you might be at risk, call our office today and schedule an eye exam. The earlier these conditions are diagnosed, the easier they are to treat!

Dr. Shedlo, our optometrist, will be happy to explain more about how routine eye exams can improve your life. Optometrists are trained eye doctors who take great pride in making sure their patients have healthy eyes for years to come. So why wait any longer? The benefits of getting regular eye exams have been proven time and time again. You deserve to live a healthier, happier life – so don’t miss out on this vital medical service! Call our office or schedule an appointment online now.