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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Lenses

Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are definitely an option for many patients.  RGP lenses are made from materials that provide excellent oxygen transmissibility to the cornea, provide greater visual clarity than soft lenses and cost less to wear because they are not disposable and do not have to be replaced unless they are lost or several years old.  RGP lenses are slightly more challenging to fit than soft lenses and are initially less comfortable than soft lenses.  However, once they are adapted to, they are just as comfortable as soft lenses are.  They are particularly suited to very high spherical prescriptions, prescriptions with high amounts of astigmatism and corneas with keratoconus. Initial fitting fees and the cost of lenses are more expensive than soft lenses, but after the patient has adapted and is routinely wearing the lenses, the costs associated with RGPs are less than with soft lenses.

Category: Contact Lenses

We are happy to help you order your contact lens supply if your contact lens prescription is current. Our prices are competitive with most online options. You can call us and order by phone. We can take payment by phone or on our website.  Contact lens orders will be verified by our office for accuracy and shipped directly to your home. We also have a new  feature on our website that allows you to order online directly.  Orders made on our website will be checked for completeness and accuracy and shipped to your home. Currently shipping is free.

Category: Contact Lenses

There are many different contact lens brands and many different kinds of lenses to consider. Some contact lenses are changed daily and then disposed of, while others may be worn daily and disposed after two weeks or a month. Once we determine the best lens for your prescription and lifestyle, we can quote a cost for a supply of lenses. To save money some patients may choose to purchase a limited supply, to last either three or six months. Others prefer a year’s supply, knowing they are happy with the product. The cost for an annual supply is often less  than purchasing individual boxes.  Contact our office for updated contact lens pricing.

Category: Contact Lenses

The comprehensive routine exam is to evaluate your eye health and to determine an eyeglasses prescription. The contact lens evaluation, or fitting, is a separate exam to determine your prescription for contact lenses and the suitability of the contact lens fit.  Contact lenses are medical devices that are in direct contact with your eyes. This requires a more careful evaluation to make sure the lenses fit properly, your vision is clear and that the lenses are comfortable to wear.

For a new contact lens wearer, there will be training to help you master the process of putting in and taking out the lenses. We will not dispense lenses to patients unless they can demonstrate the ability to insert and remove lenses safely. In addition, a patient will have a period of time to wear the lenses to assure clear vision and comfort. Proper lens hygiene protocol to keep the lenses clean and eyes healthy will be explained as well.

For  patients who have worn contacts before, it is important to review the proper care of lenses, perform an exam to make sure your prescription is accurate  and your eyes are healthy.

Category: Contact Lenses