Eyecare Center of Maryland – Dr. Norman Shedlo O.D.

Eyecare Center of Maryland Norman Shedlo

Hyattsville (301) 779-2424

Rockville   (301) 348-8640



Diagnosis and treatment of vision problems

* Difficult night driving because of blur and glare.

* Eye exam and completion of all forms for Maryland MVA

and Washington D.C. motor vehicles department.

* Problems reading small print due to occupation and age related eye changes.

* Visual discomfort and blurriness when working at the computer.

* Blurry distance vision when driving or watching television.

* Children unable to see blackboard or read books fluently.

* Uncomfortable contact lens wear.

* Contact lenses for individuals requiring far and near correction.

* Contact lens correction for astigmatism.

* Change eye color with contact lenses.

* Specialize in hard and soft contact lenses.


Medical eye problems

* Annual eye exam and retinal evaluation for diabetic patients.

* Diagnosis and management red and itching eyes.

* Dry eyes and watering eyes.

* Diagnosis and management of glaucoma.

* Evaluation and management of eye infections.

* Diagnosis and management of macular degeneration.

* Cataract evaluation.