Optical Services

Vernon Gantry Red Plastic Eyeglass Frame

Same Day Glasses and Lens Edging with Onsite Optical Lab.  Emergencies.

Accurately Measure Your Current Eyeglass Prescription.

Eyeglass Repair Services: Glasses Adjustments, Replace Screws, Nose Pads and Replace Lenses.

Completion of all driver license eye test forms for Maryland MVA and Washington D.C. Motor Vehicles Department.

Specialized Glasses for Kids including MiraflexTomato, Solo Bambini and Dilli Dalli.

Contemporary and Vintage Eyewear including Drill Mounts and Semi Rimless Frames.

High Index, Polycarbonate, Trivex and Glass Lenses.

Prism Lenses to Control Double Vision and Nystagmus.

Digital Freeform Aspheric and Lenticular Lenses for High Prescriptions.

Challenging prescriptions:  High Myopia, High hyperopia and farsightedness, Astigmatism and Presbyopia.

Vuity Eye Drops for Presbyopia

Mirror Coatings, Anti Reflective Coatings (ARC) and Anti Fog Coatings.

Lens Tinting, Gradient Tints, Blue Block Tints, Polarized Lenses and Photochromic Lenses.

Digital Progressive Lenses for Varied Occupational Needs.

Occupational Ophthalmic Lenses for Work, Sports and Hobbies.

Computer Glasses.

Flat Top Bifocal in All Sizes, Double Segment Bifocals and Trifocals.

Chemistrie Clip Sunlenses and Reader Lens Clips.

Measure Your Eyeglass Prescription