Why is the Contact Lens evaluation separate from the routine exam?

The comprehensive routine exam is to evaluate your eye health and to determine an eyeglasses prescription. The contact lens evaluation, or fitting, is a separate exam to determine your prescription for contact lenses and the suitability of the contact lens fit.  Contact lenses are medical devices that are in direct contact with your eyes. This requires a more careful evaluation to make sure the lenses fit properly, your vision is clear and that the lenses are comfortable to wear.

For a new contact lens wearer, there will be training to help you master the process of putting in and taking out the lenses. We will not dispense lenses to patients unless they can demonstrate the ability to insert and remove lenses safely. In addition, a patient will have a period of time to wear the lenses to assure clear vision and comfort. Proper lens hygiene protocol to keep the lenses clean and eyes healthy will be explained as well.

For  patients who have worn contacts before, it is important to review the proper care of lenses, perform an exam to make sure your prescription is accurate  and your eyes are healthy.

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