What add powers are best for myopia using multifocal contact lenses?

MiSight is a center-distance design with a +2.00 D add. If there are concerns with cost, or the need for astigmatic correction, the CooperVision Biofinity spherical and toric multifocals with a center-distance design and a +2.00 or +2.50 add would be good evidence based off-label options.  NaturalVue multifocal contact lenses are another good choice with center distance design and a wide range of available parameters. There are intriguing hypotheses about how to modify the central treatment or mid-peripheral zones, but no solid evidence that any of the different orthokeratology designs offer superior myopia control efficacy. Thus, any orthokeratology lens design can be used for myopia control. Recent data on executive bifocals demonstrated good efficacy with a +1.50 add, but a higher add (e.g., +2.50) would also be a valid evidence-based treatment.

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