I heard hard contact lenses would help me see better. Are they comfortable? Are they expensive?

Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are definitely an option for many patients.  RGP lenses are made from materials that provide excellent oxygen transmissibility to the cornea, provide greater visual clarity than soft lenses and cost less to wear because they are not disposable and do not have to be replaced unless they are lost or several years old.  RGP lenses are slightly more challenging to fit than soft lenses and are initially less comfortable than soft lenses.  However, once they are adapted to, they are just as comfortable as soft lenses are.  They are particularly suited to very high spherical prescriptions, prescriptions with high amounts of astigmatism and corneas with keratoconus. Initial fitting fees and the cost of lenses are more expensive than soft lenses, but after the patient has adapted and is routinely wearing the lenses, the costs associated with RGPs are less than with soft lenses.

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