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Do you sell eyeglass frames? What do they cost?

We have a very large selection of frames that suit the needs of most of our patients.  We have many designer brand choices but also sell frames from smaller independent distributors. We also have a large selection of specialty children’s frames including Miraflex and Tomato frames. All frames we sell are warrantied for any manufacturer’s defects for one year from the date of dispensing. We feel as confident in these products as in the more familiar name brands. We also sell frames that are suitably priced for patients who do not have vision insurance and need to pay for glasses out of pocket. 

We do not compete with the least expensive online retailers because we offer what they can’t –  personal service and professional expertise. 

When we complete your eyeglasses, we are happy to ship them to you, or you can return to our office to pick them up and make sure they are a great fit!