Eyecare Center of Maryland – Dr. Norman Shedlo O.D.

Eyecare Center of Maryland

4701 Randolph Rd Suite G02 Rockville MD 20852   301-779-2424    Email:  info@drshedlo.com



-Vision Analysis-


Exams for children unable to see board in classroom

Difficulty reading or concentrating on books tablets and phones

Difficult night driving because of blur and glare

Eye exam and completion of all forms for Maryland MVA and Washington D.C. motor vehicles department.

Problems reading small print due to occupation and age related eye changes

Visual discomfort and blurriness when working at the computer

Blurry distance vision when driving or watching television

-Contact Lens Services-


Uncomfortable contact lens wear

Contact lenses for individuals requiring far and near correction.  Monovision, modified monovision and bifocal lenses in soft and hard designs

Contact lens correction for astigmatism

Multifocal contacts for presbyopic patients

Change eye color with contact lenses

Contact lenses for irregular astigmatism, kerataconus and dry eyes

Daily disposable contact lenses

Specialty contact lenses including sclerals

Order Contact Lenses

-Medical Eye Problems-


Annual eye exam and retinal evaluation for diabetic patients

Diagnosis and management red and itching eyes

Evaluation of occasional or constant eye pain

Dry eyes and watering eyes

Diagnosis and management of glaucoma

Evaluation and management of eye infections

Diagnosis and management of macular degeneration

Cataract evaluation

Advanced technology including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Corneal Topography