Same Day Glasses

How to get a same day glasses prescription

If you're in need of a same day glasses prescription, you'll need to call our office first to determine if we have your prescription in stock. We have a large selection of single vision lenses at our office that we use for same day glasses emergencies. If we don't, we'll need to order your lenses first. When they arrive, you'll bring your glasses in and we can put the new lenses in your frames. Lenses take from two days to two weeks to come in depending on the prescription.

What type of glasses are available on the same day

There are a few different types of glasses that are available on the same day. The most common type of same day glasses are emergency glasses, which are designed for people who have lost or broken their glasses and need a new pair as soon as possible. These are usually single vision is plastic or polycarbonate materials. If you need a bifocal or progressive lens with anti glare coating and photochromics, these lenses will need to be ordered first. Call our office first to determine if we have your lenses in stock.

The benefits of getting your glasses on the same day

Get a new pair of glasses quickly and easily. No need to wait for your glasses to be delivered. You get extra quality control by having the work done at our own lab. No need for expensive shipping. Have your glasses as soon as the same day, usually within 30 minutes of when you walk into our office.

The cost of same day glasses

The cost of same day glasses can vary depending on the prescription, lens material, options and the type of frame you'll choose. However, most of the time the charges will be the same as our regular fees for lenses in glasses.