Miraflex Glasses for Children

Miraflex Frame Colors

Miraflex Glasses for children creates a signature line of Italian made, flexible & safe, plastic frames with no metal parts, making it the safest option for your child’s protective eyewear. Miraflex has spent over 20 years designing and manufacturing quality eyewear, Miraflex frames are all BPA free, latex free and hypo-allergenic.

Children wearing miraflex frames
Miraflex frame in blue

Miraflex eyeglass frames offer an anatomically designed bridge that eliminates the need for nose pads and the inherent, associated risk. Our elastic band wraps behind the head and assures the frames stay seated properly on the face with tensors that take up any elastic slack.

Miraflex glasses come in 6 models, 15 sizes and 32 colors offering a countless number of combinations to choose.  With dozens of colors, models and sizes, we ensure you will find the perfect style and fit for your child’s face. Miraflex frames are able to fit prisms, and can hold up to a +/- 28 diopters in prescription, comfortably!

Miraflex frames for kids color chart
Miraflex Color Selection
Black Miraflex Frames