Garrett Park

Optometric  services are an important part of our overall service offerings at the Eyecare Center of Maryland. We provide a variety of optometry services to the local Garrett Park community, including eye exams, contact lens fittings, and glasses fittings. Our optometry clinic is a trusted source of optometry services for many members of the local Garrett Park community, and we take pride in providing quality optometry services to our patients.

We provide both eye exams and contact lens fittings for those who wish to have contact lenses as their method of vision correction. Our optometrists work with a select number of the top contact lens brands, including Acuvue and Freshlook, so that we can recommend the best possible option for each patient.

In addition to services related to contact lenses, we also provide glasses fittings as needed. Many of our patients choose to have progressive lenses fitted by us as well.

If you or your family would like more information about optometry services conducted at our office, please call us today!


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