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Frequently Asked Questions


Sometimes a favorite pair of glasses can be repaired. We offer many repair services to fix your broken glasses including readjustments, screw replacement, nosepad replacement.  Send us a photo of your glasses, or bring them to our office  and we’ll let you know if we can repair them. 

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Eyeglasses cause light from things we see to come to a focus on the retina.  This creates clear vision. Just like focusing a camera lens makes a distant object  appear sharp on a film plane.  Eyeglasses will not change the anatomy or the physiology of your eyes.  If glasses are worn, things you see will be clearer.  If not worn, they will be blurrier.  Glasses will not cause any damage to your eyes.  If one puts on glasses that have the wrong prescription, vision may be blurry, your eyes may feel strained and tired and you may even suffer from mild headaches.  However, no permanent, negative consequences will ensue.  Often, when patients wear glasses and get used to seeing clearly, they perceive increased blurry vision when the glasses are removed, giving the impression that the glasses made their vision worse.

Category: Eyeglasses

A favorite frame can be reused for new and updated lenses. You should consider the condition of the frame and if it makes sense to put new, possibly expensive lenses, into a frame that doesn’t have much life left in it. However, if the frame looks good, we can certainly put new lenses into it.  Bring your frame in and let us take a look.  We have cut new lenses in many patient’s own frames, in our own lab, and we would be happy to examine your frame and give it a second chance.

Category: Eyeglasses

We have a very large selection of frames that suit the needs of most of our patients.  We have many designer brand choices but also sell frames from smaller independent distributors. We also have a large selection of specialty children’s frames including Miraflex and Tomato frames. All frames we sell are warrantied for any manufacturer’s defects for one year from the date of dispensing. We feel as confident in these products as in the more familiar name brands. We also sell frames that are suitably priced for patients who do not have vision insurance and need to pay for glasses out of pocket.  If you have a frame you’ve purchased elsewhere and would like your prescription in the frame, we’d be happy to provide prescription lenses for your frame. Please call and let us know what you need.

We do not compete with the least expensive online retailers because we offer what they can’t –  personal service and professional expertise. 

When we complete your eyeglasses, we are happy to ship them to you, or you can return to our office to pick them up and make sure they are a great fit!

Category: Eyeglasses