Eyeglass Repair

If your eyeglasses need repair, our opticians can help. We provide eyeglass repair services for frames and lenses. We replace nose pads, tighten screws, replace broken lenses and adjust metal and plastic frames so they are in alignment. Let us help you get your eyeglasses back to looking and feeling like new again. We have equipment and eyeglass repair knowledge to bring eyeglasses back to a new condition. Most eyeglass repairs can be completed within 48 hours of your eyeglasses being dropped off at our office.

Adjust metal and plastic eyeglass frames

One of the eyeglass repair services that we offer is adjusting metal and plastic eyeglass frames so they fit correctly on your face. Many frames become stretched out of alignment with use and can be manipulated back into shape so they fit like new again. We have tools and equipment that can align metal and plastic frames. Of course some frames are beyond repair and it may make more senses to replace the glasses entirely. Bring your glasses in and we can give you an honest assessment of your particular situation.

Replace worn or broken nose pads

We also replace worn or broken nose pads. This is a common repair that we perform at our office. It is very easy to wear nose pads out after using your eyeglasses for a long time, nose pads are the little rubber or silicone pads in the nose bridge of metal frames that hold your glasses on your nose. After several years of use, nose pads can become worn down or break apart. Eventually, nose pad replacement will be necessary so you'll have a comfortable support on your nose to hold your glasses up so the lenses are correctly lined up with your eyes.

Replace broken lenses

We replace broken lenses at our office as well. Broken lenses happen more often than many people realize since eyeglasses are constantly being put into pockets, purses and bags without any protection whatsoever. Once a lens has been cracked or chipped there is no way to repair it other than replacing it with a new one. This repair is a common service we perform at our office. If your eyeglasses have a crack or scratch in the lens, bring them to us for a quick and affordable replacement of the lens. We can replace prescription glasses lenses as well as non-prescription sunglasses lenses that are scratched or damaged from abrasions.

Replace and tighten screws

Eyeglasses screws can come loose with time. Replacing these screws will ensure that your eyeglasses stay together and are secure to wear. Tightening these screws is an affordable service you can get done at our office. If your lenses repeatedly fall out of your frames, the screws securing the lenses in the frames may need to be tightened. Bring your glasses in so we can check them and tighten any screws.

Repair broken metal frames

We can repair broken frames for a fraction of what you would have to pay at an expensive retail store for a new pair. At our office we have the equipment and knowledge to repair any type of frame, including plastic and metal. Bring us your damaged metal or plastic frames and let us help bring them back to a new condition so that they are usable again without having to buy a whole new pair of glasses from the store. We have been in business since 2000 and know how important it is to get your eyeglass repairs done quickly so you can continue wearing your glasses for optimal vision clarity.

Glasses keep sliding off face

If your glasses keep sliding off your face, it might be because your frames are too loose. When glasses are too loose it causes them to slide down your face often. This can be a frustrating problem while you're walking, working or just sitting. We have the knowledge and experience needed to adjust glasses so that they no longer slide down your nose. Bring us your glasses for a quick and affordable adjustment for most metal or plastic glasses frames.