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Contact Lens Fitting Policies

Contact Lens Agreement


Congratulations on your decision to be fitted with contact lenses.  To preserve the health of your eyes and become a successful contact lens wearer it is important that you follow the doctor’s instructions on wearing and maintaining your contact lenses.  All new patients and first-time contact lens wearers must have a full eye exam prior to contact lens fitting. In addition to the fee for the eye exam, a contact lens fitting fee is charged. This includes the following:  the fit process, a contact lens training session, trial lenses and one additional visit within 30 days of the initial fitting to take care of any necessary changes or problems that arise


Here is what you need to know about your contact lens fitting process:


  1. You have elected to be fit with contact lenses. Should you decide for any reason that contact lenses are not for you, please be advised that the fitting fee for the professional service of the doctor is not refundable.


  1. You may be required to return for a follow-up exam before your prescription is finalized approximately one week after your initial eye exam. The doctor will re-evaluate the fit of the contact lenses, recheck your visual acuity and ensure the lens material and your eyes are compatible. Any adjustments needed in the prescription will be done at this time.  One follow-up exam within 30 days is available if necessary.


  1. Understand that Toric, Multifocal, RGP and other specialty contact Lenses are often difficult to fit and may require additional fittings and/or adjustments which will necessitate additional visits and fees. The doctor will discuss these fitting modalities with you if needed for your prescription.


  1. Patients wearing the prescription lenses beyond the specified wear period, do so at their own risk as this may lead to eye infections and/or medical complications.


  1. If you do not return for your scheduled follow-up exam and the fitting process has not been completed within 30 days of the initial exam, the patient file for contact lens fitting will be closed. You may begin the fitting process again by paying an additional contact lens fitting fee.


  1. Trial lenses are furnished by the manufacturers for the purpose of facilitating contact lens fitting only. Extra trial lenses will not be provided after the initial fitting.


  1. This office recommends all contact lens patients have a current pair of glasses to allow your eyes to breathe freely between wearing contacts and at those times when you’re unable to wear your contacts. New Contact Lens Wearers should understand that contact lenses will be dispensed to patients only upon successfully completing a scheduled contact lens training session.


I have read, understand and agree with the information and conditions outlined above.