Bifocals or Progressives

If you’re finding that it’s harder to see things close-up and far away, you may need bifocal or progressive lenses to help.

Bifocal lenses are made of two separate areas: one for seeing things close-up, and one for seeing things far away. Progressive lenses are a newer type of lens that provide a more natural transition between near and far prescriptions. They’re growing in popularity because they let you see more clearly at all distances.

Your lifestyle is an important consideration when choosing between bifocal and progressive lenses. If you have a job that requires a lot of reading or computer work, progressive lenses would be a better choice. If you’re more active and don’t do a lot of reading or computer work, bifocal lenses would be a better fit.

Both types of lenses have pros and cons depending on your visual needs. So, talk to your eye care professional about bifocals or progressive lenses for presbyopia. They’ll help you figure out the best solution for you.