Eyecare Center of Maryland – Dr. Norman Shedlo O.D.

Eyecare Center of Maryland

6525 Belcrest Rd Suite 200 Hyattsville MD  20782  301-779-2424            4701 Randolph Rd Suite G2 Rockville MD 20852  301-348-8640


About Us

The Eyecare Center of Maryland, founded in 1954 by Dr. Stanley Tempchin, is a full scope optometric practice located in the Hyattsville/College Park section of Prince George’s county and in the Randolph Hills/Rockville section of Montgomery county.
Dr. Norman Shedlo, a 1999 graduate of Nova Southeastern College of Optometry, joined the practice in 2000 as an associate and purchased the practice, following Dr. Tempchin's retirement, in August, 2004.  Dr. Shedlo received his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and computer science from New York University.  Dr. Shedlo Completed externships at the Braverman Eye Center in Hollywood, Florida and the Dan and Hoffman Eye Centers in North Miami Beach, Florida.  
Our practice is dedicated to helping individuals and families protect and maintain clear vision and optimal eye health through annual eye health check ups.  In addition, we provide our patients the best possible vision and comfort for work and leisure using eyeglasses and contact lenses.  It is our goal to make sure every individual needing prescription eye wear, is fitted with the most appropriate prescription for their needs to maximize visual acuity and comfort and to enhance appearance and self confidence.
Norman Shedlo