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PropEyes, a device designed for progressive lens wearers who work at a computer


Chimborazo, a Bethesda, Md.-based startup, is introducing PropEyes, a device designed for progressive lens wearers who work at a computer.

Features: The reading zone in progressive lenses is at the bottom of the lens. This results in users having to tilt their necks back awkwardly to properly view a computer monitor. PropEyes is a simple, small, lightweight, convenient and inexpensive eyeglass accessory designed to elevate the reading zone in a progressive, bringing the monitor into focus while working at a computer and reducing neck and back strain. The device is designed to fit any type of eyeglass frame and any shape of bridge.

Availability: PropEyes comes in hypo-allergenic plastic, bronze, stainless steel and sterling silver. The figurine versions come in bronze, brass and sterling silver.




Allergan is launching a new over-the-counter (OTC) artificial tear

Product: Refresh Repair Lubricant Eye Drops

Top Line: Allergan is launching a new over-the-counter (OTC) artificial tear formulation, Refresh Repair Lubricant Eye Drops. The first and only artificial tear in the U.S. formulated with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), hyaluronic acid (HA, an inactive ingredient), and osmoprotectants, Refresh Repair is the latest addition to the Refresh portfolio.

Close Up: Refresh Repair tears are designed to repair and protect the eyes from the harmful effects of dry eye and improve clarity of vision.  “Our new Refresh artificial tear, Refresh Repair, offers eye doctors an additional option to tailor therapy to the specific needs of their patients. Refresh Repair provides improved comfort for patients with dry eye and unique osmoprotective benefits that safeguard the health of epithelial cells against hyperosmotic stress,” said Jag Dosanjh, senior vice president, Allergan US Eye Care.

Vital Stats: In clinical studies, Refresh Repair was shown to improve signs and symptoms of dry eye and improve visual performance in dry eye patients, with low incidence of side effects such as blur and stickiness during blinking.